The Forest Acres Restaurant & Merchant Association (FARMA) is a non-profit business organization, exclusive to Forest Acres SC, which strengthens the bonds between consumers and the community. Our mission is to be a proactive voice of business for the entire community by serving as a champion of community improvement initiatives; promoting member businesses and building relationships between members, residents, and city government; attract consumers from outside Forest Acres; and most importantly, to serve and support the residents of Forest Acres.

Our Board Of Directors


Jack Oliver

Jack Oliver Pools, Spa, & Patio
Email: jackoliverpool@bellsouth.net
website: http://www.jackoliverpools.com/
Phone: 803.251.0272

Drew Hampton

Groucho’s Deli
Email: ForestAcres@Grouchos.com
Website: http://grouchos.com/
Phone: (803) 790-0801

George Fisher

Strobler Home Furnishings
Website: http://www.strobler.com/
Phone: 803-790-6300

Matt Williams

Lizard’s Thicket
Website: http://www.lizardsthicket.com/
Phone: (803) 787-8781